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Hi all, I finally got roulette system that really works, it works after 100spins, it works after 1000 spins, it wirks after 100000 spins, all tested on online casinos. Minimum requirements are 100 units bank, doesant matter of what currency ( US, EUR or GBP ) but if u dont have that as a bank, dont even try, if u do have it for start bank, than with my system you earn around 30% of starting bank EVERY HOUR of play!

So if u start with lets say 100us$ after every hour of play u will 30 us$ more.

And in few days u can start with 1000$ and than we are talking serious, approx 300$ evry hour of play, anyway, ur starting bank at each day will be ur limit on how much money u can earn.

for any additional info email me at:

[email protected] *

*) Spamschutz, wird ggf. weiter geleitet

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